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Goon Ass Nigga; Will fuck you up on sight;Take Yo Bitch;Flip A Brick; And Make 2 Mill By Tuesday Nigga Fuck Wit Me
"Yo cuh if you trynna be the Daelon Of The Gang you gotta earn yo stripes lil pussy" -GøønSquâd Šçrappÿ Łøčč GSPC 602
by nigganometry at its best October 17, 2016
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If your name is Daelon you are caring, smart, you know what to do with people, you are very hesitant with what happens, you usually try to think of every situation that could happen. Things don’t work out in the beginning but do later on. A Daelon is a great friend to have, if you come across one you are very lucky to have met him.
My friend Daelon is always there when I need him.
by Daelon01 September 22, 2018
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