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A dado blade is a sawblade that is used to cut dados (grooves) in woodworking. This particular type of sawblade is most commonly used on table saws and radial arm saws. There are two varieties of dado blades, the first is a stacked dado set, which consists of two circular blades attached on either side of a chipper. The chipper removes the excess wood and sawdust made by the blades. The second type of dado blade is called a "Wobble Blade". This blade in particular is unique because of its adjustable hub that allows it to "wobble" on the arbor, thus making a wider cut. The theory behind the complexity of a dado saw blade is that it is possible to create very accurate cuts without too much hassle. Shims are another way to accurately widen or narrow a dado cut, they are very thin disks that slide onto the arbor between the dado blades. by using these, one can ensure a more accurate cut than without.
Person 1: Hey, I just got a dado blade set from canadian tire.
Person 2: Why do you need that?
Person 1: I need to cut accurate grooves for a shelf I am building in my workshop.
Person 2: Cool!
by Gradiator_FTW June 29, 2013
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