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A beautiful woman who does a similar job to au pair or nanny, except her focus is the man of the house instead of the children. Normally, the wife is involved in hiring a Daddy Nanny and is aware of all aspects of the job.

A Daddy Nanny has the wit, charmm and intelligence of Mary Poppins and the body, energy, and sensuality of a hot stripper.

Daddy Nannies are special housekeepers who cook and clean naked except for very high heels and then fuck the man of the house so good that he forgets about his wife, his kids, his girlfriend.
Many Movie Stars, Rappers, and top CEOS have had been rumored to have had an extremely hot, full-time, live-in Daddy Nanny.
by Jack The Man February 01, 2009
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A Daddy Nanny is a wonderfully slutty servant girl who is a sexy maid with a second mission to keep the males all well-laid. She polishes the floors and then polishes that dick too. She cooks dinner, serves dinner, and goes downtown, giving a deep throat blow job under the table while the man is eating the dinner. She treats her man like a King, like a Lord and Master.

A Daddy Nanny is four kinds of Candy: Eye Candy, Arm Candy, Mind Candy, and Cock Candy. She can cook, clean, and fuck better than your wife.

A Daddy Nanny is an articulate, intelligent woman who also loves hardcore sex. She performs all her duties naked. She is sensual like a dancer and skilled like a porn-star. Daddy Nannies are normally young petite girls, busty hotties, or older women who were former models.

A Daddy Nanny spends 80% of her time fucking Daddy...and the rest doing domestic chores.
Hugh Hefner is known to have had more than one Daddy Nanny at the Playboy Mansion.
by Bonniebadbutgood February 03, 2009
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