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When a girl likes you as a friend so much you become a dad to her. No one's as close to a girl as her dad. The consequence is that no girl wants to hook up for her dad.
John looks a little older than the average college student, so all his friends call him "Dad." Because of this, all of the girls call John "Dad" as well, and see him as a father figure to the friend group. John has in effect been Dad Zoned.
by tribefan247 January 25, 2016
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1. A social tool used by a younger female to ward off a romantic advancement of an older non-related(by blood) male due to he having too much similarity in character and nature with the said female's biological father.

2. A variant of friend-zoned

3. Dad-zoned is not to be confused with the sugar daddy variant
Nemrac didn't like being hit on by Jason therefore she had to dad-zone him. Jason was dad-zoned.
by PandaExpress lover June 10, 2018
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