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Dad Hair is hair that is (ideally) abundant and fluffy and washed perhaps too many times; can be thick or thin so long as hair covers at least 60 percent of the scalp; usually light brown in color. Girls find Dad Hair to be quite attractive, although this is not talked much about in society, small circles of men do in fact know that this IS a thing. Dad Hair has the classic look that provides a feeling of sexual, and emotional comfort to a potential mate. It adds a carefree yet pensive quality to a man's demeanor.
Dude 1: Dude your fuckin Dad Hair is killin it right now. Killin it with the Dad Hair right now man.

Dude 2: Thanks Brah. I'm actually not actively trying to have this hair, that's the first step in having good Dad Hair, just wash, dry, and go.

Dude 1: Noice
by that\college\connect February 28, 2015
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