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1. Any hatch or portal used to escape the enraged father pf the girl you are currently, or have just finished hooking up with. 2. Usually the forward most hatch on a yacht.

dad hatch take down n.
1.Spinnaker douse in which the boat jibes, but the spinnaker is left flying on the new windward side, where it collapses against the jib and it is pulled down through the forward hatch (commonly referred to as a “Mexican”)

Origin: circa 2007 derived from the words dad (of baby-talk origin) and hatch (of the middle English “haec” or “small door”). First used after a successful night of bar hoping, and an unsuccessful morning of being caught.
"When Mr. Smith caught his daughter and I, I made good use of the dad hatch and got the hell out of there!"

by The Wayward Yutes January 03, 2008
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