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-The designation given by their leader, K. Solsad, to the alliance forged between Rane and L3ghtn3ng.

-The "Da" in Da Slosk is not a substitute for the word "The". When used properly it is, for example, "The Da Sloskians".

-Da Slosk recognizes 9:42 as a time of significance. Just as pot heads recognize 4:20 or as Stone Cold Steve Austin recognizes 3:16.

-Rane and L3ghtn3ng may also be referred to as "Sloskies" but only by their Coach. Furthermore, only he can distinguish "Sloskie 1" and "Sloskie 2". All other parties must recognize both members as "Sloskie 1" and when combined they become "Sloskie 2".
Da Slosk Rulz and NME sucks.
by K.Solsad October 05, 2008
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