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Da Grainz are da coolest parody group out. Not only dat dey fully like really like hell know how to make da sick tunes, so hit up da grainz on facey bicthez. dey cum from da russhan part of perf and dey full on rep shit up like everyone just get on da kulak bus and start supporting coz da grainz are da best and like dey dont even need ur support, coz theyre hell famous already but like justr fucking do it or stalin hu iz one of da grainzzs membaz will fucking kik u in da ass until u fly out of da planet so fucking just join everyone! lyk were not kidding, da grainz are lethal!!!!!!!! SO JOIN AND FUCK DA HATERZ
lol ur at a concert someone goes "hu da fuk is pink, da onli gd band is da grainz"
lol or just everyday ur m8 goes "lol da grainz are da bomb"
by dagrainz November 04, 2010
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