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noun, verb. \dē-pē-thrē.\


Denotes a single entity, comprised of a trio of the popular soft drink "Dr. Pepper", which is consumed within one sitting.

Most commonly, the subject will consume each portion of the triumvirate using a single chalice; effectively refilling said chalice twice. Standard chalice volume averages 12 ounces (340.19 grams), with an acceptable standard deviation of 2. However, among experienced DP3'ers, the mean is often times much higher in practice: usually encompassing 15-18 ounces. The duration of one sitting usually parallels the time it takes to finish a meal. Applying a finite value, a sitting usually ranges from 0.3-0.75 hours. Sitting status will most commonly be lost on sittings that span more than 1.5 hours. However, this may be excused in light of specific circumstances. Currently, according to DP3NSA (National Standards Association) only the heritage Dr. Pepper variety is eligible for DP3 status, leaving out alternative flavorings such as Diet, Caffeine-Free, Cherry, Black Cherry, Vanilla, and Berries and Cream Dr. Pepper.

Confusingly, a DP3 may also refer to a single heritage flavored Dr. Pepper. However, this notion has been widely dispelled by DP3 purists.

The concept of DP3 has gained an unhealthy notoriety and a cult like following among the Mexican Minor League Baseball Team,"Vaqueros de la Laguna", and its fan base. No plausible rationale can be offered as to this phenomena.
(En Route to Avicii Concert) "Bro, I just had a DP3, I'm ready to f**king rage!"

(Post-Avicii Concert) "Bro, I raged pretty hard during "Levels"...I think I need a DP3"

Darnelle: "Hey Mitch, I'm running to the store...need a drink?"

Mitch: "No thanks, just had a caffeine-free cherry DP3"

Darnelle: "No. No you did not. According to DP3NSA guidelines, that is absolutely invalid. Remove yourself from my presence at once."

Just DP3' jelly?
by DP3 February 01, 2012
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