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The act of getting recklessly intoxicated on a combination of mind altering substances. To fully embrace it one must combine massive quantities of alcohol, cannabis, as well as pharmaceutical drugs and in some cases even meth amphetamines. The resulting effect from this combination of recreational "drugs" is permanent damage to not only one's physical condition but also to most of one's relationships with others. This concept was inspired by the work of people such as Horsedick.mpeg, Adolf Hitler, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Amy Winehouse, George W. Bush, Alert Einstein, Socrates, Descartes, and General Patton.
Last night at Frank's house Joe got so fucked up;hedrank an entire bottle of vodka, smoked the bong a couple of times, did 5 keg stands and then ripped lines in front of the entire party. After he ripped the lines he cheated on his girlfriend by sexually assaulting her bestfriend, and proceeded to stumble home and urinate on his parents while they were sleeping, that is so dotmpeg.
by The DOTMPEG August 17, 2010
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