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Do Oreos Suffocate if On Fire?

DOSIOF is an acronym made to stammer those of which try and break it. For instance, say you and your mate have an inside joke and abbreviate it to DOSIOF, and people ask, you put them off by saying it stands for Do Oreos Suffocate If On Fire.

They're like, WTF, but atleast they're off your back.

* - names have been changed, so that I dont get expelled.

We abbreviate DOSIOF because , well, our deputys not exactly, erm, 'fit', and we would be teased.

But we dont think that, anyway. Our old princy does.
DOSIOF usually stands for,(well, in our case), Our Deputy(hilariously hilarious to joke about) and our old Principle (ditto) and their 'affair'.

So yeah, She says "Donaldddd* our sex is on fire!"
And sings it to the tune.
And yeah. It's hilarious.
by y-fish July 20, 2009
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