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From DJ and deja vu, used ironically, DJ vu is the feeling one gets when one song is not followed by an expected song. DJ vu is frequently caused by frequent use of homemade mix tapes and compilation discs, leading the listener to expect specific sequences of songs in all situations.
I've played that disc so many times that I cannot hear Right Round without expecting to hear Poker Face immediately afterward. It gives me a weird feeling of DJ vu.
by Max C. Webster, III April 25, 2010
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When the radio plays the song that you currently have going round your head.
Co-worker: Shit that was weird
other Co-worker: What was?
Co-worker: This song just started going round my head dude, and then it comes on the radio a second later.
other co-worker: DJ-vu
by JamesMcVane May 09, 2011
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