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When someone says this, they are indicating that either the music is too low in the venue they are in or that the music selection is bad to the point that no one is dancing or even listening. Which can be commonly found situations in many frat parties thereby comparing the party they are at to a frat party.

Upon recognizing these events an individual should exclaim either "time to DJ this Frat Party" or "yo, someone DJ this Frat Party" and then proceed to take command of whatever device is being used to emit the sound produced at the party. He or she may choose to plug their own portable means of music reproduction if they choose but once this word is declared the party must improve in quality.
'everyone sitting down in their respective corners at a party while you stand close to the computer playing some terrible john mayer or dave matthews band song.'

'turning to your homie,' "yo time to DJ this Frat Party!"

...frat party turns to rave house party; everyone pops e; everyone gets laid
by cuse917 February 24, 2011
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