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A(Dirt Trim)is an inefficient preparatory measure of ridding the male's penis of accumulated filth without soap and water using the fingers to roll the smegma and other fetid materials such as dead skin - dead ejaculate - old pubic hair and anything else that finds itself on or around the penis normally exposed as the foreskin is retracted whereupon the use of trimming scissor's may be used to delicately cut loose the bums mess around the rim of the penis helmet or cap prior to having sex with the unsuspecting victim after the (Dirt Trim) is completed.
Posing as a sophisticated clean style elite the unwashed dirty bum pulled his bacon skin back to discretely clip away the abundance of overly extended dirt cake hanging like fudge on his unwashed woodie with his newly found scissor's and in doing so has maintained his familiar body stench by using the waterless technique for sub human cleansing known as a (Dirt Trim).
by Muncherflesh Chalkwhite March 17, 2009
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