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The DFC Miner is a brash anti-authoritative individual. The DFC Miner tends to argue with others and claim that he is always right. The DFC Miner tends to fight and rebel against authority and is considered by others a "rebel." In its free time, the DFC Miner likes to consume large amounts of alcohol, vape and/ or chew tobacco, at times doing so all at once. The DFC Miner has an extensive and colorful vocabulary that it likes to use in situations towards savages, animals, scrubs, dirtbags and losers when trying to prove a point. The DFC Miner is a one of a kind individual, is not afraid to make a decision and is a proven effective leader, especially in critical and/ or stressful situations. The DFC Miner lives by multiple life codes such as D.T.A. (Don't trust anybody), etc. It is well known that when the DFC Miner is not in a good mood he tends to lean on the nearest object such as a wall, desk etc. and begin to explain his point. DFC Miner begins its statement by saying, "Hear me out for a second here." It is well known in the land that a DFC Miner is one of those individuals that are either well loved or well hated. The DFC Miner can be routinely found at a BWW or some sleazy bar either in the 21014, 21015 or the 21222. The DFC Miner's drink of choice at these locales tends to be a tall "natty boh" or a variety of Twisted Tea.
DFC Miner has a tough decision to make on which chair to sit in: big blue, the executive, small black or the classic. DFC Miner decides to shred all of the chairs. The end.
by bratwurstsavage88 July 14, 2015
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