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~Currently Proposed as a New Addition to the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) and Under Review~

DERPLEXIA: the condition or state of extreme brain pain and mind melts that occur due to any number of interactions with or knowledge of herp-a-derp type individuals.

Clincal indications of a state of Derplexia are commonly reported by individuals as including:

1. cognitive processes along the lines of "what the fuck" or "seriously?", which often coincide with

2. physiological changes as commonly seen in persons experiencing anger or rage, and

3. behavioral manifestations such as placing one's palm to forehead (facepalming), discontinuation of prior activities (so as to give their full attention to attempting to process and assimilate new info), or other indicators of disbelief and perplexity of thought.

Research to date is still in preliminary stages, thus therapeautic interventions are quite limited. Currently, the only effective treatment known is full or partial extermination of either the herp-a-derp type of individual or the suffer's own life, and a full discontinuation of all herp-a-derp topics in conversation.
Person 1: <<insert some random reference to a herp-a-derp person or celebrity>>

Person 2: <<awkward pause of silence/looks of disgust>>
"Ugh, I hate when you tell me these weird stories. I always don't feel so well afterwards. And now my head hurts... thanks buddy..."

Person 1:
"Oops. I hope you don't have Derplexia! That stuff is serious!"
by Meow Mixerology February 27, 2012
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