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A ghetto ass clothing store.The things there are usually cheap and poor quality.It is basically the ghetto version of Ross.The stores look very similar but it's far more messy.This store sort of is ghetto fabulous

Wow, this place is Ghetto! Notice the capital G!. How many times to I have to say it! The racks of clothes are overstuffed, the people (both employees and shoppers) are crude and the clothes fall apart after the 1st wash. Oh and did I forget the lines? The lines are always long and torturous because you are always forced to watch some uncivilized parent belittle their child while talking on their cell phone about the 40's they will be drinking that night.

If you are looking for manners and well made far far away from this place and fast!
DΓ©'QuondΓ©:"Eh yo,we's bouts to go to dd's discounts to get that baby phat.You wanna come?

Chelsea:"Hell NO,i'm not setting my foot in that ghetto ass store and lower myself.How embarassing!The floor is dirty and it smells like piss"
by TotallyNOTghetto August 25, 2009
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