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Dirty College Park Kids: A group of college kids, generally super seniors, residing in the "College Park" neighborhood near Coastal Carolina University in Conway, South Carolina. These kids are the definition of "no fucks given". They hangout in their driveways and/ or rooftops in the middle of any day most always with a cold bronson in hand, play kickball and foursquare regularly, almost all have long boards that they use more than their cars and most everyone has some type of pet that everyone knows (dogs, lizards even pigs). They also have "DCPK" tank tops that they often all coincidentally can be seen wearing the day after a long night of heavy partying. And most importantly there is nothing that they enjoy more than listening to good music while hanging with good people by a bonfire at night.
"They got tattoos in their kitchen?, How DCPK of them."
by ccu13 May 06, 2013
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