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1) a highly deadly disorder when a slut messes with your head and causes you to turn your back on your true friends and can only be cured when Chuck Norris round-house kicks you in your foolish head

2) when you think that despite being really cruel to everyone that they all love you when they can't stand the sight of you

3) when you hate someone and think they actually lose sleep over it when they aren't

4) when you shirt matches the color of every holiday and your hair is gayly spiked...basically your a metro
person: man did you see chris?

person 2: yeah yo, he's wearing a pink collar shirt and going out with that slut amber

person: yeah i heard he isn't talking to anyone talking to that cool chick he hates for no reason

person: oh you mean carly? yeah well whats so funny is he thinks he's so hot and he's not

person 2: i know! i hate him! whats even funnier is he thinks we're all losing sleep over it

person: shit, lets go find chuck norris! i mean he used to be so cool... he's had to have gotten DC syndrome (DCS)!

person 2: yeah yo
by yo babys daddy's momma's cousin February 15, 2007
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