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Drunkest Bitch in The Room (DBITR) is a term coined by a collective at Boston College in the mid 10's. It refers to the girl or boy at the party who clearly cannot handle the amount of alcohol that she/he has consumed thus far. Often irritating to friends, the DBITR often gets emotional after their hookup finds someone more reasonably intoxicated, and more often than not ends up with their head in the toilet and in bed before the pre-game is over.
Phia: Did you see the piece of paper on our wall?
Sal: Which one? The one numbering out who the DBITR was?
Phia: Yeah! Not gonna lie, getting a little out of hand at night.

DBATP Thot Thotass Alcohol Poisioning Drunkass
by Reebstheeag May 01, 2016
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