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It stands for "don't be a torch." If your friend is being lame you tell them this.
Danny: Can I borrow your Harry Potter Blu-ray?
Kevin: I charge $0.50 per disc.
Danny: DBAT

Brian: My car broke down, can you drive us to the IMAX movie instead?
Kevin: Only if you pay me gas money.
Brian: DBAT, you don't even pay for your gas, your parents do.
by Farquat January 20, 2012
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dBAT is an an acronym for "don't be a Todd"; A Todd is that guy at work whom knows it all and talks to hear them self talk but really know very little; a Todd is a tool, a cocky, over confident social retard that does not have any humility or humble qualties
Hey bro dBAT?; I'm happy for your promotion just remember dBAT; or Simply...dBAT...Keep calm and dBAT
by V4Vendetta April 11, 2016
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Abreviation for Don't Be A Tool.
"Hey Eric, you really need to learn the term DBAT!"
by E10 November 17, 2006
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