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DITF, not prounounced as a word rather as an abreviation. It stands for 'dick in the face' but not in the conventional sense if searched in urban dicitonary. When used in an abreviation, it is defined as an individual who is unlikable and cannot be avoided (like a dick would be in your face). It can be used to describe such an individual or can be extended to describe an awkward and unavoidable situation.

It is a British and Australian term created by two academics who wanted a way to describe a particular persistant individual who could not be avoided. It has since been adopted by the community as a general term to describe any such individuals or situations.
1. C1- "Hey mate i just bumbed into my ex"

C2- "oh snap, what happened"

C1- "It was super awkward, I tried to avoid her/him but it was like a D.I.T.F.

2. "Bruh, that guy is such a D.I.T.F"
by Soodadesi November 24, 2016
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1. Dodos In The Forest
2. Door In The Face
3. Dude, I'm Totally Fucked.
4. Don't Inhale The Fart
5. Darfur Integrated Task Force
6. Dick In The Farter
1: Dudes, isn't that totally HxC metal band, DITF, playing tonight?
2: Yeah man, ditf is W!CKED!

1: Does DITF circle jerk?
2: Absolutely.
by DITF LUVER April 28, 2008
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