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An acronym for 'Don't Get It Fucked Up' from the Chris Brown x Tyga album, 'Fan Of A Fan: The Album'. The song D.G.I.F.U also features Pusha T.
Guy 1: You need to stop fronting, you're finished here.
Guy 2: Stfu dude, I could buy this whole city if I wanted!
Guy 1: D.G.I.F.U, you don't have a stack of cash or a flashy pad, I saw you last week driving a taxi cab. Stop tryna make people thing you're loaded.
Guy 2: Uhm *walks away defeated*
by ballinonem June 19, 2016
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When someone’s talking shit and you know the truth you say “bitch don’t get it fucked up” or via txt dgifu
by Kissmy@ss October 03, 2018
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