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A dorm at Appalachian State University, also known as "Home of the Headies." Drugs galore fill the hallways, and alcohol flows like a river from the 7th to the 1st floor. It is populated by quite a variety of people ranging from: sorostitutes, gangstas, "hippies", kids who never leave their rooms, and the druggies, who have thier own categories. Bean poppers - always doing light shows and disturbing the peace with the bass of their techno from DJs in Charlotte. Shroom-heads 'cidders - These kids trip balls on a daily basis...often seen laughing constantly or uttering the words "What's going on maaaaaaan?" Favorite movie: Fear and Loathing. Cokeheads - fiending for that white, these niggaz are crazy. Usually rich and sketchy. Adderollers - Adderal poppin motherfuckers, can't study without it. Also used in combination with other drugs for the bored. Pillpops - Listen to Lil Wyte - Oxycontin constantly. Xannies for everyone.
Basically D-Block is where the real niggaz be at. Close with Hoey, rivals with Canon, fuck West campus, East side we ride. Str8 up. Right.
Yo B. Wade be trippin balls up in D-Block, forreal.
by Dat nigga February 09, 2005
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