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An Italian name. Good people, bad tempers. Serious about family, they come first over any other circumstances. Strong Lovers, they give a lot to the ones they decide to care for. Honest and simple; love them- they love you more, treat them bad- they won't waste their time to show you the door, but you should find it :)
Jennifer D'Annunzio
Angela D'Annunzio
by ItalianJen1357 March 08, 2010
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A mental condition, though often becoming a physical issue. Sufferers often display symptoms of delusions, both of themselves and the world around them, and frequently lie compulsively about their importance and general abilities. Similar in many ways to the 'Napoleon complex'. Sufferers often experience a degredation in physical appearance and personal hygene. Believed to be hereditory.
"D'Annunzio, he always talked shit man, guess this explains why"
by RVMAN May 28, 2008
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