Cyplix by Charles F. Gray is an Atari 2600 hack of the Taiwanese pirated game Bi! Bi! by Rainbow Vision, which in turn is a hack of Sea Hunt by Froggo.

You are Pac-Man and your battle starts with the elimination of the Sea-Ghosts. In the sea you will battle new Ghost enemies such as Danny(yellow ghost), Quinty(pink ghost), Babo(the large and fat orange ghost) and Cipa (the large and fat pink ghost). There are also the three Sea Cy-Ghosts known only as Cpuwiz, Kepone, and Ezzy who religiously guard the Cyplix’s captives: E.T., E.T. Junior, and Ms. Pac-Man. They are in suspended animation and you must free them, as they are mankind’s only hope in defeating Cyplix and his Ghost Religion.
Cyplix is the eternal god and leader of the Ghost Religion.

The Ghost Overlord known only as Cyplix recognized by his one eye is the center of this new civilization.
by Greg Williams November 14, 2004
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