A young woman who is so sweet, kind, funny and relatable with all her fans. Cynthia always keeps it real and that’s what people love about her .
Person: omg you know that pretty tiktoker?

Me: cynthia parker

Person: yeah omg she’s amazing
by ccynthiaparkerrr May 04, 2020
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the definition of beauty. she could rlly just slap me and i would thank her- i love her more than even words can explain. shes more than an idol to me and i couln't be more grateful for her. meeting her and making her a special person in my life is one of the best choces i have ever made. i love u cynth
Friend: Who's the most gorgeous person for you?
Me: Oh, Cynthia Parker ofc
by cynthpetsch March 09, 2021
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