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Cynthia, derived from the Greek Goddess Artemis of the hunt an moon is a nothing less of the Goddess who placed the name upon her. She is the something every man wishes for, a woman who is what they would love to have at the end of their story book when it says "And they lived happily ever after". Though majestic, Cynthia's take no notice to the beauty that falls upon them as they walk upon this Earth. They smile, gently, to everyone surrounding them and do everything they can to help everyone more than themselves. Cynthia's oft talk with their hands, describing the world around them with such life, life like they are filled with and bestow upon others. Often they are clumsy in a non-serious way though, it has been a problem to theirself as they cause shyness and embarrassment in the most adorable way of blushing. A Cynthia is very high spirted, letting nobody get her down though, her thoughts can do so at times only to bring on a good story that she writes and never shows. She accomplishes much with little effort and is confident of her every tasks outcome. She is a lover but, will fight when needed. She takes care of her family, especially if she has birthed a child. Any man is lucky to have a Cynthia, unlucky to have lost one. Cynthia's are the best thing to happen in a persons life, whether it be as family, friend or lover.
Cynthia Hornberger gives frequently to others, including the less fortunate (homeless), animals and more.
by Pat Tap August 24, 2012
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