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Beautiful, outgoing girl. She has somewhat of a bad attitude. Doesn't take shit from anyone. She is very giving. A little too nice to the ones she cares about. Some would say they take her kindness for granted but she is blind to the fact because she is so nice. Very loyal girl, that wants a long term relationship and just to go out and have fun.
I'm really need to go pick up my friend. Let me ask Cynteria for her car.
by Princess Sadity October 07, 2016
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A bitch in every way. Expect when it comes to money. She will tend to say she loves you but just pays her way in life. She is a money machine. Dont trust her... She is not to be trusted. She has two different face's. Watch out and be careful with anything u do around her. She tends to think she is the boss at times. Just give her a good slap. She would love it.

She's a true B I T C H.
by cynteria May 14, 2015
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