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The bunny-eared second in command of the Decepticon army after the events of the 1986 Transformers movie. Was created for the sole purpose of serving his leader, Galvatron. Famous among Transformers fans as being incredible talented, powerful, intelligent, loyal and far too sophisticated for a children's cartoon from the 80s. Despite all of this, Galvatron would beat and degrade Cyclonus any chance the latter was in range for a good pimp-slappin'. Cyclonus never did anything about it.

Cyclonus was the most eerily accurate portrayal of a severely abused spouse in a children's show.
Fan 1: Wasn't Cyclonus made by Unicron from Skywarp and Bombshell?
Fan 2: No one fucking knows anymore, dude.
by cplpeaches April 05, 2010
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