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A term used to describe an individual that performs certain keyboard and mouse actions that security companies portray as being the most serious crime imaginable and results in jail sentences longer than serial killers and fines greater than billionaires' fortunes.

The purpose of this term is to sell more security products by scaring the public.

It should be noted that "cyber" means virtual, so by its own definition it's not a crime.

It should also be noted that driving 5 mph over the speed limit has the potential to cause more harm than sending 20 billion porn spam emails.
judge: I fine you $240,000,000 for the 800,000 spam messages you sent to myspace in the period of 2 days that earned you $500,000 and could have been fixed by a DBA with a single SQL query that takes 500ms to execute.

prisoner a: What are you in for?
prinoner b: Murder & Dismemberment, 15 years. What about you?
prisoner a: Cybercrime, 60 years and a $5bn fine.
prisoner b: WTF is cybercrime?
prisoner a: I made peoples' PCs show advertisements without their consent.
prisoner b: Like TV?
prisoner a: Yes.

symantec exec a: spyware, adware, worm, trojan, all sounds too friendly! needs sexing up to increase our sales
symantec exec b: how about CYBERCRIME & CYBERCRIMINALS?
Defend your PC against CRIMINALS!
Only Norton can protect your PC from the same crooks responsible for armed robery and drug dealing.
by Serial Cybercriminal May 20, 2008
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