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1. (noun) Any amount of electronic and/or digital media (usually way too much), consisting of, but not limited to, text, like jokes (mostly not very funny at all), digital photographs, movies or animations (usually too long) of any type (i.e., of grandchildren, vacation spots or genitalia), or digital sounds, like music.

Most cyber-humor experts agree that most cyber-humor isn't really very humorous at all, but boring, vulgar, tasteless, or excessively counterproductive.

2. (verb) To mindlessly bombard all of your email buddies with an excessive amount of cyber-humor, such that it causes most of the recipients to want to puke their guts out.
1. "Your cyber-humor really SUCKS, man..."

2. "Stop cluttering up my fucking inbox, man! You're cyber-humoring the SHIT outta me!"

by Robert E. Porter, Jr. January 06, 2007
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