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Used by many cyber companies that one may use their service. However they always have some form of corruption.

1. Denying its users some right such as the right to delete stuff, change stuff around, add music or videos to their profile, or communicate with certain people. They can only do this, because their corrupt little company has full access to the website and can make sure all thinks they dont like are impossible to be able to do on their website.

2. Invade another persons account. They are the jerks who do stuff like remove certain contacts, close your account down, delete content on your account, you name it.

3. Happens most likely on Facebook, Myspace, Yahoo Answers, Sodahead, Amazon, Youtube, aim along with most discussion forums.
Cyber fascism bullying

On Yahoo Answers, they dont let you delete offensive answers. Those jerks also delete any of your questions they dont like, and shut down accounts, just cause they can.

On Facebook and Myspace, those douchebags removed friends from my friendlist just cause I looked at their profile too much without ever showing communication with them. Just cause they can, and they think cause in their opinion thats stocking, they have some responsibility to do so.

Most computer programs make you register online to be able to use their program in case someone let you borrow theirs. Why? Because they can. Luckily we have crack codes to smash their ability to bully us.

Some jerk on AIM shut down my account with my whole buddy list just cause they did not like some conversation I had with another person.

You internet trolls need to mind their own fuckin business
by jerr50606 June 20, 2010
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