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Words and letters used, when communicating online, to shorten the amount of letters you have to type, to get a point across, or to describe what you mean, or what you are doing.
Here are a few examples of Cyber Lingo:

OMG=Oh My God

LOL=Laugh Out Loud

SMH=Shaking My Head

LMAO=Laughing My A$$ Off

BRB=Be Right Back

JK=Just Kidding

IDK=I Don't Know

STFU=Shut The F#@& Up

CUL8R=See You Later

RME=Rolling My Eyes

H8RZGH8=Haters Gonna Hate

FAIL=You Failed at your attempt to: Reply, Joke, or whatever you were trying to do, or accomplish, with your post, or picture.

L8RZ=Later (See ya! Bye!)

PWND=Owned (You got: outdone, worked over, a$$ kicked, told, wiped out, shown what was up, beat)

(There are many more, this is a small example.)
by Sweet1o1 November 05, 2010
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