Cyber Dysfunctional Personality Disorder (CDPD) is a non-hereditary, largely contagious, psychiatric diagnosis that describes a mental disorder characterized by abnormalities in the perception or expression of reality. Those who suffer from this condition will go on to create tens, if not hundreds of accounts on social networking and video sharing websites such as facebook, myspace and youtube. They will then converse with themselves across their many accounts in a lame bid to create the impression that they are popular and sociable. Often they will use their various accounts to team up on other internet users who have shown themselves to be smarter than them, in a desperate bid to restore some pride. Currently there is no cure for this ever increasing psychopathic trend, but most sufferers give the game away within a week, such is their lack of concentration and intellect.
JohnnyBarretta: Hi mate, how are you??? :)

Toxic: Good mate, what about yourself?

Pakilover1988: Fuck you white piece of shit!!! :)

Toxic: I see you suffer from Cyber Dysfunctional Personality Disorder?

Note: The smilie and the excessive use of question and exclamation marks give it away.
by YTuser October 4, 2009
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