An old school located in Cypress Texas that has the slogan BFND, and the Mascot of a bobcat. Cy-Fair’s 2017 football team won the division 2 state championship, but in their 2018 season lost to the next state champion of 2018, NorthShore. Their music programs are decent, but the one that stands out is their Marching Band. Their Marching band is the 23rd best Marching Band in the state of Texas as of November 2018 (for y’all bobcats I was not in the marching band but I still love em to death) . And their drill team is called brigade, and they are good too!The students here are okay... you’ve got the vapers, stoners, jocks, Hicks, Skaters, Wannabe frat lords, the basic bitches, thots, and pretty much any stereotype out there. The teachers are decent, just watch out for pre-cal, and geometry K. BFNDD CLASS of 2017!
Cy-Fair HighSchool is an alright school now that I think about it!
by Chad Wellington the 3rd January 02, 2019
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