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Cwisty is a girl that is extremely cute! Her real name is Christina, but when she was little she got her four front teeth pulled out because someone was to lazy to take the aciddy orange juice out of her crib, therefore rotting her teeth. She learned to talk without her teeth, which made all her "r"'s turn into "w"'s. She was made fun of for saying her name wrong, but then she stopped caring and started bitch slappin them hoe's. A select lucky few eventually got passed the speech impediment and became friends with her. She is happy with people calling her Cwisty. She is always amazing to be with and will love you with no question!! She is a party animal and is the most beautiful girl in the world! She is normally associated with cats.
Look at that ADORABLE little Cwisty!!!

Cwisty is as cute as a kitten.
by yourfriend562 December 02, 2009
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