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1.) To wear excessive gear that shows your a wanna-be Italian/Sicilian in the Northeastern Part of the U.S., where Cuz's (noun form) live.

2.) To speak with a heavy NY accent, while throwing out words like Mink/fangool/stoonad while not knowing what they really mean and how to spell them. (Hearing it on the Soprano's makes it ok)

3.) When your last name ends in a vowel, you know only the CHORUS to "lasciate mi cantare" and your great great grandparents came from Italy, yet you give yourself the right to being "100%" Italian.
Person A: "Yo, why Does Gino have his hair gelled, Prada sunglasses on, chain out, fila velour suit, and crisp white reebok classics on at the GYM?!"

Person B: "You know how he is, he's ALWAYS cuzzed out"
by BobbyBars July 11, 2009
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