When someone drives in front of you or another person, often with little distance left between the two cars.
"Jerry tried cutting someone off so they gave him a little love tap right into the lake"
by crazytexan182 November 30, 2009
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unfriending someone, to cut them off & or cut them out of your life.
“yeah that hoe fake asf , she cutt frfr” cutting someone off

“oh that bitch fw opps, she cutt off bro” cutting someone off
by sanei February 14, 2022
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1. to interrupt someone while they're talking

2. to cut in front of someone on the road
Guy: (being dragged by the police) He cut me off!
Cop: Cutting someone off isn't a crime!
Guy: No, the other kind of cut me off!

Cutting someone off is only a crime if it's on the road.
by frabrizio December 18, 2017
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