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(N): It is a contagious disease most commonly associated with care bears and the excitement of something cute. Sufferer's usually complain of being followed by rainbows and/or shouted at by small people.

(ADJ): A word to descibe someone or something as being overly cute.
Clay Aiken

Used in a sentence:

(ADJ) OMG that boy is sooooooo cuteitis!!!!
(N) OMG that person is slowly dying of cuteitis!!!!
by Cannell Scribes April 04, 2010
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Cuteitis is disease that people get when they fall in love with the wrong person

Symptoms are:sobbing,stress,sleepless nights,not being able to get over someone,missing the person too much
A:Cuteitis is taking over my life.I honestly can't think straight.

B:I know,I got it just over a week ago.I was crying so much!
by Homophlob February 05, 2018
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