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A guy who tries to have sex with a girl that has a little extra "Cushion" on her.
Bro A: Dude check out Jimmy!

Bro B: What?

Bro A: He's been hitting on that chub all night. Looks like we have another CP (Cushion Pusher)
by Not a CP November 08, 2010
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someone who likes to have sex with fat women, comes from "more cushion for the pushin'",
someone who likes their women to have baggage, ripples, folds, cottage cheese thighs, blunt in the front, etc.
Tyrie: You see how much blunt in the front Tyrell's new girlfriend has? I mean I'm talkin' 'bout dayummmnn
Tyrese: Yea, tru dat, he a cushion-pusher fo' sho'
Terrel:are you cereal
Tyrie: fo' shizzle ma nizzle up in da hizzle fo' rizzle
by Royce B. in Da Hizzle January 30, 2007
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