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Cushing is a small town by Nacogdoches. (the oldest town in Texas) Cushing High School is mainly made up of 50% Alcoholics, 20% whores, 10% druggies, 5% pregnant girls, 13% stuck up bitches, and 2% prudes. Mainly on the weekends you party, get drunk, and get high. Some do that during the week, and some do that right before school. Some people actually try to do good in their studies so they can try to make something of themselves and get out of this lame ass town, and some people don't give a shit.
Cushing High School

Texan #1: Where are we?
Texan #2: Cushing?...Where ever the hell that is.
Texan #1: Lets ask this man walking down the street.
Texan #2: Um.. Excuse me sir, where are we?
Redneck Stranger: Why sonny, yous in Cushin'.
(Tires screeching)
Texan #1: Lets get the hell out of this town!
(2 seconds later)
Texan #2: We're already out of Cushing?
by Senior2011 June 04, 2010
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