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This dude is the smartest pimp you'll ever meet. He's pulling a GPA between 3.8 and 4.0, dragging in the ladies left and right. He plays hockey, pulls some sick dangles, and gets some wicked shots in here and there. He is full of hilarious jokes, so it's likely that when you're hanging with him, you're laughing your ass off. This kid is a gamer, hardcore, and can beat basically and game he allows to turn his brain into mush. He'll fuck you up if you mess with his best friends, because that's just how good of a friend he is and will always be. He'll take a punch for love, and he might lick you if he feels like being annoying. Oh yeah, one more thing, he's got some sick flow. A Curtis Frarey is someone you wanna roll with every day and any day.
Curtis Frarey? Yeah, I know him, he's a cool kid.
by GillyBoo May 28, 2011
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