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The first wrestler to walk out to the ring in the first match of an event!
Usually a match which is just to boost up the crowd spirits for the main-event!!
Win or lose doesnt really matter because there is no title involved.
All the first matches in all wrestlemanias !!

rey mysterio vs eddie at wrestlemania 21 was a curtain jerker
by ligawres April 25, 2011
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- Extremely violent defecation.
-When you take a "#2" (a crap) so violently, that you scream and grab the shower curtain next to the toilet and nearly rip it off it's pole in agony!

Hence, the term "curtain jerker"
"Brian ate so many habanero's, I bet he's going to have a "curtain jerker" tonight!"

"Kevin must have had a "curtain jerker" this morning; I could hear him screaming from the basement!"

"Tom had such a "curtain jerker" last night we had to replace the shower pole"
by Poohbah540 July 03, 2014
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