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Quite modern German dish. (literally: curry sausage)

Includes in general:

- 1 Bratwurst (frying sausage made out of pork)
OR 1 Bockwurst (tastes like Frankfurter s., but the shape is the same as the Bratwurst)
- a huge load of - KETCHUP! (optionally spiced up)
- curry powder (that's the reason for the food's name)

Usually the Bratwurst has been sliced previously for instant-eating by the stall cook.

It is still controversial if the Currywurst was invented by H. Heuwer (f) in Berlin (1949) or by L. Brücker (f) in Hamburg (1949). Clear reason for its invention: coincidence.

Served hot.

Dishes: white carton pan ("Pappe"/puppeh), spit of wood ("Spiess"/shpeese)

In combination with fries a perfect lunch when you are in a lack of time.

One of the most famous German fast food dishes, together with Döner, deep-fried Schnitzel Vienna Style (fatty, but not authentic!), meatball-and-mustard and the Bratwurst-in-a-bun.
German: "Einmal Currywurst mit Pommes rot-weiß!"
Translation: "One Currywurst plus fries 'red-white' " (ketchup and mayonnaise).
(You don't need to ask very courteously at a German fast food stall as most of the customers are blue-collar guys.)
by InALackOfAlterEgos March 27, 2011
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