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This is a term used for a casual get-together that aims to create an aesthetic experience through the use of fecal matter. The following are the minimum requirements:
1. There must be a minimum of five (5) females participating.
2. All participants must be capable of performing a teddy bear handstand.
3. Each female must consume a curry-based dish, and each of them must consume different dishes.
Optional: Laxatives may be added to the dishes in order to facilitate loose bowel movement, if this consequence is not a natural bodily reaction experienced by the participant.
The females are to be arranged in a circular formation, all engaged in teddy bear handstands. The room is to be draped in industrial grade paper (preferably "uncoated", for absorbancy purposes). The females will then defecate all over the room. The resultant designs on the paper known to be similar to the artistic style of Jackson Pollock (hence the alternate name). Guests are simply required to enjoy the aesthetic experience.
"I went to a Curry Potluck (aka Curry Pollock) and was fascinated by the retention of colour that some of the fecal matter had when displayed on the paper!"
by JJ Waters February 07, 2017
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