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A unexpectedly disappointing, pedestrian or boring ending to any experience that promised otherwise. Originally applied to meals, including at the eponymous Curry Point restaurant, it is today frequently used to describe anecdotes or other conversation.

Not to be confused with the Curie Point, which is the temperature at which a material loses its permanent magnetic orientation.
Example 1:

Person A: Did I tell you about the last part of my trip, when I went to Costa Rica?
Person B: Not yet, but I bet it was amazing.
Person A: So, actually, I ended up deciding not to go and come home early because I needed to water my plants.
Person B: Wow, is that curry point I’m tasting?

Example 2:

Person T: Have you heard the one where a snake walks into a bar?
Person U: Nope, but I like all sorts of jokes - but only if the humour and grammar are of high quality.
Person T: Hmm, nevermind then - it’s definitely a bit of a curry point!
by Steve Danger August 20, 2013
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