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The Currie-Caring Experiment, developed by Dr. Cam Currie of the University of Winchester, is a classic teenage social experiment, in which one friend ceases communication with another friend to see if they do in fact care for the other. Results of this experiment vary; some people are horrified to find that their "friend" does not in fact care, while others are pleasantly delighted to find that their friend really does care about them. Use of the Currie-Caring Experiment is suggested only in dire situations.
Guy: Have you talked to Natalie recently?
Girl: No, I was unsure about our friendship so I started a Currie-Caring experiment with her. It's not going well so far...

Guy: I'm sorry... I hope things get better, she's always been really great to you!
Girl: Thanks, guy.
by drcam February 09, 2012
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