Curmari. Curmari is a retarded, loving, dumb, caring, friendly person. He always has your back for any situation and he listens. He is a good best friend. He will help when you’re sad, and be there to make you happy. He will charity every moment he has with the people he loves. As long as that love is mutual. He gives off a very happy, vibrant, joyful vibe that can make almost anyone feel better. Curmari is one of the best people you will ever meet. And once you lose him it will effect you, because he will be one of the main most important people in your life. So it you have a Curmari. Love and cherish the time you have with him now. Before it’s too late and he realizes he doesn’t need you to be happy. :) <3
Me-“ I met this kid names Curmari, he’s so joyful and I love him
by Curmari May 15, 2019
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