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Refers to a hash smoking device, crafted out of a 16 oz to-go coffee cup(with lid). To build one, simply cut a hole in the bottom of the coffee cup, big enough so that your car's cigarette lighter can slip in. Light the cigarette lighter and let it heat up, when it pops, drop a little piece of hash on the hot part, slip it under the cup, and sip from the top of the cup like you normally would. The hash vaporizes and it doesn't even smell like weed in the car after, it smells like flowers! And if you get pulled over, all you have is a cigarette lighter and a coffee cup.
Person 1: Let's go to the city!

Person 2: But I want to smoke weed!

Person 1: Don't worry, I have hash, we can have a Cup o' Chronic on the way there.
by theundercover February 21, 2011
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